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Check back for updates,  more Pet Portraits are currently in the works!

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The impact a pet has in a person's life is as breathtaking as any masterpiece.

 ​​​​A beautiful piece of artwork is a delightful way to celebrate your pet or cherish the memory of a pet who has crossed over the rainbow bridge.

Each pet portrait is hand painted to be as unique as the pet it is portraying.

Pet portraits are personalized to your specifications allowing you to have a one of a kind work of art to commemorate your pet.

By incorporating a small portion of your pet's fur or ashes into your pet portrait, your pet can really become part of the art.

Every animal enthusiast will agree,  pets are more then just pets. They love unconditionally and truly are part of the family. It is guaranteed that your pet portrait will be handled with the utmost care and respect.

All pets are welcome! If you are ready to turn your furry, scaly, feathered, hoofed, or finned family member into a work of art please submit photos of your pet along with a detailed pet portrait request form.

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​Aside from being a life long artist, one of Ashley's greatest passions is her love for animals. It is no secret that her English Bulldog "Sargent Murphy" was the inspiration behind the name of her tattoo studio "Bully Ink".  Sadly and shortly after the Bully Ink studio opened Sargent Murphy tragically passed away. During this tragic time, Ashley began painting pet portraits and memorials to help other pet parents celebrate the life of their family members. The reward of bringing smiles to other pet owners helped Ashley find peace through her art and sparked the beginning of her next artistic venture.