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Ashley has had a passion for all things art related since her early childhood, which is why she made the decision  to turn her love of art into a career. During her teen years, Ashley was fortunate to find a tattoo shop willing to take her on as an apprentice. With continuous hard work and effort her career as a professional tattoo artist slowly fell into place. 

After years of working in different studios up and down the east coast Ashley has several years of experience as a tattoo artist .  She is currently the proud owner of the Bully Ink tattoo studio in Edgewater Maryland. 

Her career as a tattoo artist has granted her the opportunity to continue to grow and thrive as an artist. It has also allowed her to travel and meet many inspirational people along the way.

She is grateful for everyone who has had a positive influence throughout her journey.

​Aside from tattooing, Ashley enjoys working with a wide variety of artistic mediums including: color pencil, sculpting, oil & watercolor painting.

When tattooing she finds it most rewarding to work with open minded clients who enjoy vibrant, colorful, tattoos and eye-catching tattoos. She enjoys assisting clients by providing artistic creativity, knowledge, and suggestions to benefit the outcome of their tattoo. Learning continuously to advance her skills and techniques has allowed Ashley to extend her creativity to new levels . By accepting new challenges and staying focused on her goals, Ashley intends to continue progressing forward by creating works of art to be enjoyed for many years to come.

Ashley's story