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             Plastic bricks
             Thousand silk clay
             Blister gum
             Crystal clay
             Cotton sand
             Space sand
             Foam clay
                Jinhua Zhigao Playdough Co., Ltd. In Yiwu is the professional manufacturer producing the “Shenqi” serial play dough. Our products are sold largely in Europe, USA , Southeast Asia , and Middle East etc. In the brand development and international cooperation, with the existing high intelligence scale and technical strength, with international strategic vision, adhere to the international development road; actively promote the strategic cooperation with international business. We will grasp the trend of high intelligence and the world trend actively, to try to build diversified and international development pattern. At present, the product has been continuously sold to Asia, America , Europe, and Middle East . They have won favorable comments from the clients. Every year, more than 10 million dollars in export, this laid the solid foundation for Zhigao to expand international market.
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            Address: No. 575 Changchun East Road, Fucun Town, Jindong District, Jinhua City, Zhejiang Province    
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            E-mail: sales02@cnzhigao.com http: www.ashleyreynoldsartistry.com